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Manhattan KS Chiropractor Caring for Patients Since 1983

Dr. Michael Cortner, Cortner Health Solutions

My name is Dr. Michael Cortner. Thank you for visiting my website.

Cortner Health Solutions was established by my father, Dr. John Cortner, in 1950. Cortner Health Solutions is Chiropractic care at its finest. We are happy to share our years of experience in helping the Manhattan, Kansas community and surrounding areas.

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Upper Back
& Neck Pain

Low Back

Leg & Arm

Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Pain Relief for the Manhattan, KS area

As Chiropractors, we have treated thousands of patients with acute and chronic conditions. We offer a no-obligation consultation and we accept most major medical insurance. Cortner Health Solutions treats thousands of patients yearly from Manhattan, Kansas, and surrounding areas.

We get fantastic results from patients of all walks of life.