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Cortner Health Solutions' Patient Testimonials

I had severe back pain from the back of my neck to lower left side mostly. I could not sleep at night and had excruciating pain. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed as having osteoarthritis. I took medication for pain but it did not take care of the severe pain.

The first day after seeing Dr. Cortner the pain was less. I noticed after work I feel much better after the day is finished. I can sleep at night without crying myself to sleep.

Thank you very much for helping me with my many problems. I appreciate all you have done for me.

Karen J., Manhattan KS

I had daily migraine headaches since my early teens. I am now 45. I had gone to family doctors, neurologists, allergists, and other chiropractors with little or no relief. I was taking narcotics both pills and injections of Demerol nearly every week. Nothing was working. I had just about given up hope of ever being free of these headaches

I started seeing Dr. Cortner and by the second treatment I was getting relief of my headaches. I am now recommending my daughter to see Dr. Cortner. She was injured in a car accident 3 years ago and has had pain ever since.

Brenda, Randolph KS

I suffered with low back pain and severe headaches almost daily for 2 years. I tried to monitor my headaches with diet and exercise. I was told by my general practitioner it was allergies but still no cure for my headaches.

I started treatment with Dr. Cortner and within a week my symptoms of headaches were gone. I most definitely recommend chiropractic if you suffer from headaches, this is the answer.

Vicki, Manhattan KS

My neck was hurt in an auto accident about 7 months prior to seeing Dr. Cortner. I was going to a doctor and physical therapy for months with no relief. The first week of care I noticed a lot of improvement. Dr. Cortner has really helped me and I would recommend him to anyone who has a back or neck problem.

Albert, Marysville KS

I had severe upper back and shoulder pain. I had been going to physical therapy at the hospital with no relief. After seeing Dr. Cortner, within a week's time my pain began to subside.

Marion, Lincoln NE

Prior to seeing Dr. Cortner I had low back pain/stiffness. I also had tingling in my extremities with reduced range of motion in my hip, shoulders, and back. My condition had been going on for several months. Since starting treatment with Dr. Cortner my numbness has ceased and I have experienced measurable improvement in my lower back and range of motion.

Bob, Manhattan KS